About Seeder Network

Seeder Network aims to bridge the gap that exists in centralized applications between content creators, content consumers, and that very reward mechanism by empowering users on its platform to earn rewards on each engagement they perform. Every single engagement or action on the platform will derive some value of “Attention Points” (or APTS), these are points that users earn for such things like making a post, liking a post, commenting on a post, reseeding a post, requesting a follow, accepting a follow request, casting a vote, playing a game, listing to a song, watching a video, listening to a podcast, among many other types of engagements that we have yet to explore on Seeder Network. These Attention Points will accrue on your profile, which can later be redeemed for rewards or spent to unlock exclusive features.

Reward Mechanism

Seeder Network aims to bridge the gap that exists in centralized applications between content creators, content consumers, and that very reward mechanism by empowering users on its platform to earn rewards on each engagement they perform. Every single engagement or action on the platform will derive some value of “Attention Points” (or APTS), these are points that users earn for such things like making a post, liking a post, commenting on a post, reseeding a post, requesting a follow, accepting a follow request, casting a vote, playing a game, listing to a song, watching a video, listening to a podcast, among many other types of engagements that we have yet to explore on Seeder Network. These Attention Points will accrue on your profile, which can later be redeemed for rewards or spent to unlock exclusive features.

The Demand 

Since the entire platform is predicated on rewards for active social engagement, Seeder Network will look to work with other prominent projects and communities on TRON to bring the best user experience we possible can to you. By the time you read this version of the Litepaper, Seeder Network will have raised an initial Private Funding Round of 2.5M TRX, all of which will have been staked with Super Representative Sesameseed to build up a rewards pool of SEED Tokens. As the platform grows, and more projects and communities begin to join Seeder Network, we anticipate that these projects and communities will offer the platform Partner Redemption Tokens so users will have even more reward options in the future. More on this further in the Litepaper.

Multi-Token Platform

Users of our platform will experience a model where a multitude of tokens will coexist on. The native platform token underpinning the entire platform, however, and the one that rewards are derived from, is called the “SEEDR Token”. SEEDR Tokens are spent to “mine” user rewards, and these rewards are called “Attention Points”. Attention Points (or SEEDRAPTS Tokens) will be mined, traded, redeemed, and collected, depending on the different strategies that platform users choose to employ and the type of rewards that resonates most with them. We will reward most handsomely to the users who are most active and engaged—we will design a rewards program that allows users with the strongest Attention Points balances to become a shareholder of Seeder Network, giving them an opportunity to benefit from the revenues generated from token sales and advertisement placements. These dividend paying tokens will be called “SEEDRSHARE Tokens”. Lastly, Seeder Network will work with projects and communities building on the TRON blockchain. We imagine working with many projects and communities, where each of their own platform tokens can also become a Partner Redemption Token for user rewards.

Seeder Network will stake TRX with Super Representative Sesameseed to build a pool of rewards of SEED Tokens. SEED Tokens will be one of the fixed reward tokens that users can redeem Attention Points for. As SEED distributions for staking TRX continue to diminish, the cost for users to redeem Attention Points (or SEEDRAPTS) will also rise proportionately. TRX generated from the sales of SEEDR Tokens as well as advertisement placements will continue to be staked with Super Representative Sesameseed. Dividends paid for holding SEED will help Seeder Network maintain a healthy pool of SEED rewards as well.

SEEDR Token is the native platform token for Seeder Network. Every single action or engagement will require the user to spend 1 SEEDR Token, this is the cost of the user to “mine” Attention Points, the platform’s reward token. Below is a chart of the actions or engagement that will require the use of SEEDR Tokens to perform:


Liking a Post Commenting on a Post Reseeding a Post
Listening to a Song Watching a Video Listening to a Podcast
Casting a Vote Engaging an Advertisement Tipping a User

After each use, the SEEDR Token is burnt from the total supply and cannot be used again. SEEDR Tokens tipped to another user for good content, good will, good karma, etc. will be transferred to the other user instead, and each individual user will derive some value of Attention Points from tipping as well.

SEEDRAPTS Tokens, or Attention Points, are generated on every single action or engagement that users perform on the platform, anything from things like commenting on another user’s post, reseeding a picture or video, playing a game, listening to a song, among many other platform engagements which Seeder Network will make very intuitive to use. There will be a total supply of SEEDRAPTS, or Attention Points, of 1,000,000,000 units. Attention Points will be rewarded as a token on the platform, and a counter of your Attention Points balance will be shown very prominently on your profile. These rewards can be traded (or sold) to other users, redeemed for platform reward tokens like TRX, SEED, and SEEDR or for Partner Redemption Tokens (we hope to work with at least 10 Partner Redemption Tokens at a time, on a rotating basis), and Attention Points can be accumulated to earn exclusive platform features, advantages, and benefits (ie. earning a share of profits generated from token sales and advertisement revenue).

SEEDRSHARE Tokens are dividend paying shareholder tokens, and there will only be a maximum supply of 1,000,000 units. SEEDRSHARE Tokens can be obtained in one of three ways: they can be exchanged with SEEDR Tokens; they can be redeemed with SEEDRAPTS, or Attention Points; and they can be purchased with TRX. The exchange rate for each method of obtaining a SEEDRSHARE Token will be fixed. 1 SEEDRSHARE can be redeemed for 25,000 SEEDRAPTS, exchanged for 100,000 SEEDR, or purchased for 100,000 TRX. The circulating supply of SEEDRSHARE Tokens is 0 outstanding at the time of writing.

Partner Redemption Tokens are reward tokens available to platform users for redemption of Attention Points (or SEEDRAPTS) on Seeder Network. Seeder Network will work with as many projects and communities as possible, offering network users a diverse pool of rewards that they can choose from. Partner Redemption Tokens are especially important for Seeder Network’s rewards pool because in order to build a cryptoverse where many different communities and projects will cross-pollinate with each other, being exposed to reward tokens is a fundamental way to build immediate interest and value between each other.

Market Opportunity 

Revenue in the social media advertising segment amounts to $67.9b in 2018. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 26.2%, resulting in a market volume of $217.9b by 2023. These figures are obtained from a report titled “Social Media Advertising” on Statista. In 2019, the social media advertising segment is expected to show an ad spending growth of 36.7%. The total addressable market of the social media marketing segment is $200b over the next 5 years. Seeder Network plans to capture $100,000,000 USD of this social media advertising market within 5 years of operations; $500,000 USD on initial launch; and will endeavour to grow its market share by 5.00% per annum.

Seeder Network Influencer

Influencer Marketing is a rapidly growing segment of social media advertisement spending. But what is an influencer? An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. An influencer is also an individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with. There are four types of influencers:

  1. Celebrities
  2. Industry Experts and thought leaders
  3. Bloggers and content creators
  4. Micro influencers

Seeder Network will develop engaging and rewarding ways for content creators, content consumers, and social media advertisers to come together. It is generally atypical to see an advertisement model which directly rewards the content consumer for their attention. Seeder Network aims to change the balance of power between these three groups and offer rewards to both content creators and content consumers simultaneously. Seeder Network will have a four-tier reward system for Attention Points. Since Seeder Network is a social network platform that rewards users for their active engagement, we want to make sure the most active users are generating the most rewards. The following chart illustrates what the four tiers are, and what level of Attention Points will unlock those next levels:

Influencer Tier

Minimum Attention Points

Feature Unlocked

4. Celebrity Seeder

Above 25,000 APs


3. Gold Seeder

Above 15,000 APs

1,000 Units from Each PRT

2. Silver Seeder

Above 5,000 APs

More Rewards

1. Bronze Seeder

Above 1,000 APs

Faster Mining

Social Media Advertisement

Collaborations and sponsorships have really hurt traditional advertisement revenue, and they are a huge part of a social media strategy today. Seeder Network will deploy advertising opportunities directly on the application, as typical of familiar brand name social media network platforms like Facebook. Where it gets interesting for users on Seeder Network is that users will be able to mine rewards for their engagement and feedback on advertisements, and these advertisements will be central, so those users who wish to be advertised to can see what the latest fashion trends are and be rewarded for it. Advertisers will buy SEEDR Tokens from Seeder Network for TRX and will reward users each time they engage with the advertisement. The users will be able to swipe left or right, if they like the advertisement or not. As well, if the product really piques the user’s interest, they can swipe down to learn more about the product details, perhaps buy it directly from the Seeder Network platform.  

Funding Model

Seeder Network will rely on a three-pronged approach to get this project fully funded. By the time this paper is published, Seeder Network will have competed its Private Funding Round. During the Private Funding Round, Seeder Network raised a total of 2,500,000 TRX, all of which were staked with Super Representative Sesameseed to begin building a rewards pool of SEED Tokens.

Next, Seeder Network will build a Minimum Viable Product and submit an application to the TRON Accelerator in hopes of generating further development resources from a $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

Lastly, Seeder Network seeks to raise a softcap of 5,000,000 TRX/SEED from the SEEDGerminator and its Community to build a social media platform on the TRON Protocol. Reaching the 5,000,000 TRX level of funding will trigger the 5.00% monthly profit distribution attributable to SEEDRSHARE Tokenholders. The hardcap is currently set at 25,000,000 TRX, and reaching that level of funding will trigger the 15.00% monthly profit distribution attributable to SEEDRSHARE Tokenholders, proportionally to their percentage of holdings. Each SEEDR Token sold during the Public Funding Round will cost 0.50 TRX for 1 SEEDR, a 50% discount from the price of regular sale of SEEDR Tokens.

TRX and SEED Tokens will be accepted during the Public Funding Round. These tokens will carry different investment power. The chart below will illustrate each token’s investment power to the Public Funding Round:




Use of Proceeds

Seeder Network will assume a Public Founding Round of 5,000,000 TRX is raised and the softcap is reached here. The Use of ICO Funds has been determined as follow; however, Seeder Network retains the right to redistribute funds as it deems reasonable and necessary to carry out its operations in a healthy manner:

50% Staking & Rewards

30% Product Development & Operations

10% Legal, Accounting, & Administration

5% Marketing & Business Development

5% Reserve Fund


Monthly Revenue Distribution

Seeder Network will distribute monthly profits equalling the tier that the Public Funding Round is able to achieve proportionately to all SEEDRSHARE Tokenholders. The following table will show how much share of the profits SEEDRSHARE Tokens will generate at each level during the Public Funding Round:

5M TRX/SEED Raised (softcap) – 5.00% of Seeder Network Profits

10M TRX/SEED Raised – 7.50% of Seeder Network Profits

15M TRX/SEED Raised – 10.00% of Seeder Network Profits

20M TRX/SEED Raised – 12.50% of Seeder Network Profits

25M TRX/SEED Raised (hardcap) – 15.00% of Seeder Network Profits


Monthly Advertisement Subscriptions

The primary revenue model for Seeder Network is through advertisements. Advertisers will subscribe to Seeder Network’s Advertisement Subscription Model which will require monthly subscriptions of SEEDR Tokens paid in TRX. Each month, depending on the volume of advertisements desired, advertisers will place advertisements on the platform and reward users for actively engagement with these advertisements. Users will be able to like, comment, share these advertisements like they would any other post; however, in addition to these functions, the user will be able to engage these advertisements in a Tinder-esque, swiping mechanism. The users will swipe left if they “dislike” the advertisement; the user will swipe right if they “like” the advertisement; and the user will swipe “down” if they wish more detail and information on the subject advertised.

Users engaging these advertisements willingly give feedback and their attention offered to the advertisements are directly compensated for. Advertisers must pay Seeder Network TRX in order to subscribe SEEDR Tokens, and these tokens are paid to content consumers of the advertisements for their attention. We call this process “mining SEEDR”. The act of mining SEEDR is beneficial to the user because this is an additional way for users to replenish their SEEDR Tokens without buying them directly from Seeder Network.

The average monthly spend on social media advertising is between $4,000 to $7,000 USD per month. We will use a target monthly advertisement expenditure of $1,000 USD per month in our analysis and projection. Assuming $1,000 USD per month subscription, we aim to enrol 100 advertisement partners within the first year of operations. If we’re successful at enrolling 100 such advertisement partners, and assuming a minimum monthly advertisement expenditure of $1,000 USD per month, our monthly advertisement revenue in TRX would be 5,000,000 TRX in today’s price of $0.02 USD per TRX.

The following chart is an example of the monthly advertisement subscriptions and its share distributable to SEEDRSHARE Token holders. We assume the hardcap is reach and the total monthly dividend distributable equals 15.00% of monthly revenue generated by advertisements. This chart is purely a projection and should not form the basis of your investment decision exclusively. (The same 15.00% would apply to monthly SEEDR Token purchases at hardcap as well, which this chart does not include).

Monthly Advertisement Subscription

1% of SEEDRSHARE Tokens

5% of SEEDRSHARE Tokens

10% of SEEDRSHARE Tokens

15% of SEEDRSHARE Tokens

25% of SEEDRSHARE Tokens

1,000,000 TRX/Month

1,500 TRX/Month

7,500 TRX/Month

15,000 TRX/Month

22,500 TRX/Month

37,500 TRX/Month

2,000,000 TRX/Month

3,000 TRX/Month

15,000 TRX/Month

30,000 TRX/Month

45,000 TRX/Month

75,000 TRX/Month

3,000,000 TRX/Month

4,500 TRX/Month

22,500 TRX/Month

45,000 TRX/Month

67,500 TRX/Month

112,500 TRX/Month

4,000,000 TRX/Month

6,000 TRX/Month

30,000 TRX/Month

60,000 TRX/Month

90,000 TRX/Month

150,000 TRX/Month

5,000,000 TRX/Month

7,500 TRX/Month

37,500 TRX/Month

75,000 TRX/Month

112,500 TRX/Month

187,500 TRX/Month

7,500,000 TRX/Month

11,250 TRX/Month

56,250 TRX/Month

112,500 TRX/Month

168,750 TRX/Month

281,250 TRX/Month

10,000,000 TRX/Month

15,000 TRX/Month

75,000 TRX/Month

150,000 TRX/Month

225,000 TRX/Month

375,000 TRX/Month

Team & Advisor

Louie Wu

Louie Wu

Founder and CEO

Louie is an entrepreneur and a highly results-driven professional possessing an outstanding aptitude in fostering strong client relationships and championing business growth. Focused, well-rounded self-motivator with high energy and am extremely engaged in competitive, dynamic environments. Motivated self-starter who acts decisively with logic and confidence. TRON advocate and supporter looking to make an impact, no matter how small, on the adoption of this nascent technology.

Carl Luk

Carl Luk

Core Designer

Carl is a cross-functional Designer (UI/UX/Web/Graphic) and Project Manager with a decade of experience. Certified in PMP and Scrum, he planned & executed 7 ecommerce shops, 20+ events, 200+ newsletters, 300+ microsites & websites, 700+ digital ads, as well as 1000+ print ads in different industries. Utilizing his studies in marketing, design and analytics, Carl’s looking forward to create user-centered design for Seeder Network and project manage its iterations. With this project, he wishes to impact the adoption of the Tron protocol and cryptocurrency with his talented teammates.

Joline Chuang

Joline Chuang

Core Designer

Joline has 4 years of web design experience with a focus in the creation, enhancement and management of multiple E-commerce businesses. She has helped a start up e-commerce business grow 100% in sales YTY. Joline can help make Seeder Network aesthetically appealing, user friendly, and grow the business to the next level. She will help the Tron network of communities come together on Seeder Network and the TRON community stronger. Joline has a creative mind who finds challenges rewarding. She is always striving to build a better world around her, and believes Seeder Network is on the road to do just that.

Mike Qureshi

Mike Qureshi

Lead Developer

Mike is experienced in all aspects of the development process from strategic design to implementation. He has over 10 years of experience in programming, data analysis, modeling and Architecture. Worked with a number of startups through successful funding rounds and acquisitions.

Sean Mehrabi

Sean Mehrabi

Lead Architect

Sean has many years of extensive working experiences in large multinational companies entailed Energy Management Systems, Oil & Gas, IT Consulting, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain which had given me the exposure to handle any assignment.

Vinod Damera

Vinod Damera

QA Analyst

Vin has over 10 years experience in Information Technology and have Domain experience in E-commerce, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical industries. Vin is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), skilled proficiency in Manual and Automated Testing on Client/server and web-based applications. Expertise in Integration Testing, Unit Testing, Silk Testing, Performance-Load & Stress, Black Box, White Box Testing, User Acceptance Testing, system level testing and Regression testing.  

Nathan Clarricoats

Nathan Clarricoats

Project Advisor

Nathan is a self-employed professional from New Zealand with a keen interest in crypto, decentralization and innovation. In April 2018, Nathan joined Sesameseed, the number one Tron Super Representative, as a founding core member and community advisor. In this role he gained insight into the Tron Network, experience in project management and project advisory and valuable contacts within the Tron ecosystem. Nathan continues his work for Sesameseed, however in his spare time advises new start ups on the Tron Network. Nathan has been hugely important to the initial concept design for the Seeder Network and currently still provides meaningful input into future developments of the platform.

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